Pre Period Packs for Girls

Pre Period


Wuka Pants Size

These packs are a great way to start the conversation with your daughter, and find out what products best suit her.  Both packs come with a bag to put their product into, chocolates, hot chocolate,  beauty gifts including scrunchies, body lotion, body wash and lip balm.   With over 42 sanitary products in each pack, from New Zealand's most popular brands, including, U by Kotex, Libra, Carefree, Oi Organic, Stayfree, Moxie, and Tampax.    You can also add on a pair of Wuka Period Pants, and / or a Oi Girl Cup at an extra cost.

Choose from either the Pad and Liner Pack, or the Tampon, Pad and Liner Pack

Pads and Liner Pack Includes:

Over 42 Samples of Liners and Pads from Libra, Carefree, Oi Organic, Moxie Australia, Stayfree, U by Kotex, also filled with goodies including a lovely bag to put your product in when at school, scrunchies, chocolates and heaps more.  These Pre Period Packs are literally bursting full.

Tampon, Pad and Liner Pack Includes: 

A range of Slimpons and Mini Tampons, Pads and Liners designed for first time users.

Also filled with our range of goodies for girls, including mini deodorant, lip balm, chocolate and heaps more.  

If you went and purchased every single pack of product yourself to trial it would cost you over $100.   

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