Wuka Tween




Wuka Tween Underwear is designed to take care of your period while you just keep being you. 

Absorbs up to 4 tampons worth of blood, that means a whole day's worth of period protection - a complete pad and tampon replacement.  

Girls deserve better than old period tech of the past. The new world of period tech is ultra comfy and eco-friendly, it cares for your body and the environment.
It's also super reliable. Prevents odours. And is as easy to use as putting on a pair of pants (and putting them in the washing machine of course!)

Once you've worn them, you will fall in love with the comfort and convenience.

Ultra-comfortable and luxurious fabrics mean you'll forget you're wearing them.

Perfect for sports and active lifestyles, doesn't slip or rustle like a pad or liner and controls odour too. Our Tween range is specifically designed for Tween shapes aged 9 - 13.

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